Business Development

Business management, assessment, and administration.  From a single project to an entire estate, we have the expertise to safely guide you.


Sales analysis, strategy, and execution.  We help with establishing or expanding your sales strategies and increasing results.


Brand analysis, positioning, and integration.  Data-driven, with research and analysis, we can help you understand your audience and how to properly and effectively target them.


Mainstream retail, strategic partnerships, sponsorship, and niche branded merchandise.  Whether it's T-Shirts in Target stores or branded products, our network delivers results.


Creation, education, valuation and, monetization.  Whether you are buying, licensing, inheriting or creating publishing we can help you do it right.


Protection, defense, exploitation and, acquisition. The Link team has successfully defended dozens of high profile copyrights and artists rights.


Get the most bang for your buck

We look for creative ways to maintain or improve the quality of your product while bringing you the most bang for every dollar you do spend.

Services personalized to you and your business

We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you, your business, your goals, and your audience.


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