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Our pick as the best home recording studio bundle

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  • 1 Scarlett 2i2 audio interface
  • 1 pair of HP60 closed-back studio headphones
  • 1 CM25 condenser microphone (large diaphragm)
  • 1 three meter XLR mic cable
  • 1 mic stand clip

Up first, we have one of our favorite picks as the best recording studio bundles available right now. We’re huge fans of Focusrite and their Scarlett audio interfaces have made numerous appearances in our guides throughout the years due to the numerous user reviews, overall capability and sturdy build. This particular bundle is great for those who already have their music software (it does come with a light version of Pro Tools called Avid Pro Tools First, more suitable for starters) and computer and want to get going on recording some vocals or instruments. The only other accessory we’d say you should buy is a mic stand since the condenser this package comes with only has a mic clip and it can’t stand up on its own on a desk (it may be able to, but isn’t safe). The audio interface in this one is one of the most popular in the market today, the headphones are great for isolation and blocking out background noise, and the cable is sturdy to last you years. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio bundle is nearly perfect for those wanting to get going on their recording adventures right out of the box.

You can also grab their Focusrite Solo Studio to save some money if you feel that you can get by with an audio interface with less ins and outs.

PreSonus AudioBox Studio

Another pick as the best recording studio bundle

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  • 1 Audiobox USB audio interface
  • 1 PreSonus M7 condenser microphone
  • 1 pair of PreSonus HD7 semi-open studio headphones
  • 1 XLR cable
  • 1 USB cable
  • Studio One 3 Artist music software

Here’s another one of our go to’s when it comes to the best recording equipment bundles to buy. PreSonus’ Audiobox models are almost as popular as the Scarlett series, and they’ve really made a name for themselves when it comes budget-friendly gear outside of the audio interface realm. They aren’t necessarily ‘professional’ mics or headphones but they get the job done for those looking to save money yet still acquire some quality for their music journeys. This particular bundle is very even with the previous pick — everything in the box will allow you to start recording immediately in your studio as long as you have a computer or music laptop handy. It’s also super easy to store and travel with if you’re ever on-the-go. The interface, in particular, has two combo mic/instrument inputs with monitoring with zero latency. It also has great preamplifiers with 24-bit converters to give us excellent audio quality. The Studio One 3 Artist software in the box isn’t among the most popular digital audio workstations, but it’s still a solid option as a standalone software for those starting out or for solo musicians. The PreSonus AudioBox Studio is an extremely solid recording gear package. We recommend this one over the Scarlett if you wanted to save a few dollars.

sE Electronics X1 S Studio

A nice recording microphone package to buy

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  • 1 ‘X1 S’ large-diaphgram condenser microphone
  • 1 ‘RF-X Reflexion Filter’
  • 1 ‘sE Isolation Pack’
  • 1 pop shield
  • 1 3-meter mic cable

Coming as our first recommendation for the best recording studio bundle with microphone gear only, the X1 S bundle is fantastic for those needing the complete mic package. Equipped with their popular ‘X1 S’ condenser mic, it is best used for not only vocals but numerous instruments as well due to the custom switches it has on the body itself. The mic is well-known for having a very high dynamic range and sound-pressure level handling. The two switchable attenuation levels on the mic itself help you tweak the settings depending on what exactly you’ll be recording — electric guitars, brass, or even loud and heavy kick drums. On top of that you have two switchable low-cut filters to cut off low frequencies it may capture if you want to have a brighter recording (typically for vocals, snares or higher pitched strings). The high-quality microphone alongside the sE Isolation Pack makes it perfect for home studios not having enough space or the means to sound proof an entire room. Unfortunately no audio interface, headphones or music software here, but if you can see past that or you perhaps already have those in your studio, the sE Electronics X1 S Studio is an amazing microphone all-in-one package. It’s a bit more expensive than the previous bundles listed, but the microphone blows the others out of the water.

M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II

M-Audio's highly rated home recording studio package

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  • 1 M-Track II USB audio interface
  • 1 large diaphgram condenser microphone
  • 1 pair of sound-isolation headphones
  • 1 mic clip, XLR cable, USB cable
  • Ableton Live Lite music software
  • Waves plugin pack

M-Audio’s highly rated home recording studio bundle gives us another great package of the essentials, with the backbone of it all being their highly rated M-Track II audio interface. First, the interface provides us with 24-Bit / 48 kHz recording resolution and combo XLR/1/4″ inputs with 48 volts of phantom power to get going on not only powerful but crystal clear recordings. You have zero latency recording using straight to USB on your computer (compatible with both Mac and PC). The mic and headphones are more of a broad pair even though we had hoped they included some of their higher-rated models that are sold separately (and reviewed by others), but they’ll still get the job done. The headphones have nice 50mm neodymium drivers and the sound isolation capabilities with over-ear design are perfect for recording to ensure your back track isn’t included in the mix itself. Pair this all up with Ableton Live Lite (a trial version of the highly rated Ableton, but it still is great for a standalone software and you can always upgrade after trying it out) and some sounds\effects on top of it all with the Waves plugin, and you’ve got another one of the best recording bundles with the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II in the market today. We recommend this one if you can sacrifice some microphone quality for a more complete package and inclusion of literally everything you need to start recording as soon as possible.

Native Instruments KOMPLETE Audio 6, K52 and 990 Package

If you're into high-end gear, this recording bundle is beautiful

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  • 1 KOMPLETE Audio 6 audio interface
  • 1 MXL 990 condenser microphone
  • 1 pair of AKG K52 closed-back studio headphones
  • 1 mic cable, pop filter, mic stand

Nearing the middle-point of our guide, we have more of a ‘makeshift’ home recording studio package that isn’t necessarily ‘official’ from a brand. However, with the inclusion of the ever-popular Komplete interface, stunning AKG K52 closed-back headphones and powerful MLX 990 condenser microphone, this bundle is by far one of the most powerful of the bunch. When it comes to N.I.’s audio interface, you’re getting four analog in\out, a digital in\out, MIDI connectivity, and low-latency recording for two microphone inputs equipped with some nice quality preamps. Not to mention it also comes with their KOMPLETE Elements software — 1,000 sounds and effects! The mic itself is made by MXL, with a high-quality rugged build and 3/4″ gold-sputtered diaphragm. It’s limited to only vocals (although we’d say ‘ideal’ — condensers as a whole can cover many other instruments, like pianos or guitars). Lastly, the headphones are one of our favorite closed-back pairs out there right now, giving us a nice flat and accurate sound with great comfort on top of it all. The N.I. Komplete Audio 6, K52 and 990 is by far one of the best recording studio equipment bundles in the market if you’re OK with a mixture of different brands (some may prefer this). If it isn’t available on Amazon, check Guitar Center or Musician’s Friend.


Slightly different and geared towards podcasters, this bundle is superb

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  • 1 XM8500 dynamic microphone
  • 1 XENYX 502 mixer
  • 1 UCA222 USB audio interface
  • 1 pair of HPM1000 headphones
  • 1 pop filter
  • 1 table mic stand, XLR mic cable
  • 2 RCA cables
  • Four software included

We were hesitant to include this one since it’s technically for ‘podcasts’; however, we still feel it’s a viable option for those in a home studio looking to record some beginner vocals and wanted to save some money at the same time (it’s the cheapest in here). Not to mention this package in particular has more reviews than many others in this guide. Let’s start with what it has to offer — the interface isn’t a hefty 2×2 with XLR or MIDI or anything, however it provides us with 2 ins and 2 outs for plug-and-play recording. On top of this, you’re getting another piece of gear that isn’t seen in any other bundle in this guide — a mixer, and this one in particular is a studio-class 5-input 2-bus USB with a mic preamp and 2-band EQ, making up for the lack of these ins and outs on the interface itself. The dynamic mic itself is pretty low-budget but it still provides decent recordings for the price we’re getting here. The software also isn’t a standout DAW by any means, and actually you’re getting more than one in this box that can still work fine — PodifierJuicePodNova and Golden Ear — mostly free software you can download otherwise. If you wanted a home studio bundle that’s cheap and offers some decent recording capabilities with a mixer on top of it, the Behringer PODCASTUDIO is a viable option. Who knows, maybe you didn’t even know before reading this that you were starting a new podcast on the side of your music recordings!

Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package

Another solid recording microphone package with the necessities

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  • 1 Rode NT1-A pro condenser microphone
  • 1 SM6 shock mount
  • 1 pop filter
  • 1 dust cover

Here’s one of our favorite microphones of all time, and this particular recording studio bundle is another mic-only package geared towards those not needing an interface, software or headphones. The NT1-A is a proven, decently priced condenser microphone that has a warm sound we haven’t heard replicated elsewhere. It’s a microphone investment that’s going to last you years, probably a decade or more if you take proper care of it. The housing itself is extremely rugged with a 1″ capsule (gold-plated diaphragm), comes with a cardioid polar pattern, great low and self noise (only 5 dB — essentially helps with an even clearer recording), and amazing dynamic range to give us a wide pickup of whatever vocalist or instrument we’re attempting to capture. There’s an internal shock mount capsule to further help its ruggedness and the overall sound-pressure level can handle louder vocalists or even drums. Pair this up with what comes in this ‘Anniversary’ package (they’re continuing to make it since it’s so popular) and you have quite the complete recording mic package. The bundle however isn’t the biggest — you do get a shock mount, pop filter and dust cover, but that’s it. If this is feasible enough for you and you were mainly concerned with having one of the best microphones out there when it comes to bundles, the Rode NT1-A anniversary package is your pick.

Focusrite iTrack Studio

Another one of Focusrite's best home recording studio bundle

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  • 1 Focusrite iTrack Solo audio interface
  • 1 CM25S condenser microphone
  • 1 pair of HP60S closed-back studio headphones
  • 1 XLR, 1.2m link cable
  • Ableton Live Lite software
  • Scarlet VST\AU\RTAS plug-in suite
  • Novation Bass Station synth plug-in
  • Loopmasters sample content

Here’s an extremely high-quality bundle by Focusrite, especially if you were concerned with software and sounds. The iTrack studio is labeled this since the backbone of it all is their highly rated iTrack audio interface. Equipped with lightning connectivity (for iPad and Mac, but also works with PC), you have some sleek 24 bit / 96 kHz audio recording quality. The microphone itself isn’t a Rode by all means, but is still a viable solution as a condenser mic, coming with clear recordings ideal for vocals but can span to other instruments as well. The headphones are also viable and work decently for recording and monitoring; however, the biggest standout we’d say (aside from the iTrack interface) of this recording studio bundle is the software. Not only are you getting the beloved Ableton Live Lite, but a variety of sounds as well. One of our favorite VST’s in the world is the Novation Bass Station — more than enough bass and synths for you to have, but at the same time you’re also getting their Scarlett plug-in suite (EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects along with even more sounds to play with). The Focusrite iTrack Studio is amazing if you were concerned with superb audio interface quality and some of the better inclusion of software in the bundle game.

M-Audio M-Track 2×2 Vocal Studio Pro

M-Audio's other best studio equipment bundle

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  • 1 M-Track 2×2 USB audio interface
  • 1 pair of HDH40 closed-back studio headphones
  • 1 Nova Black condenser microphone
  • 1 XLR microphone cable
  • Software: AIR Creative FX, Strike, Xpand!2, Mini Grand, Cubase LE

M-Audio’s other popular bundle brings us even more quality to our recordings, and this time focusing on their M-Track 2×2 interface to pair up with some decent headphones and a microphone. The software in this thing is also unmatched and recommended over their Vocal Studio Pro II we previous listed if that was a big concern for you. You’re getting a nice DAW in Cubase LE, but here’s what the software bundle offers: AIR’s FX Collection with 20 FX plugins (delays, EQ, reverb, etc.), AIR’s Strike with everything-drums you can ask for, Xpand2! with modulation and arpeggiation, and Mini Grand for some nice piano sounds. Yes, all made by AiR (M-Audio owns them), but it’s a versatile package nonetheless. The interface itself gives us a 24-bit / 192 kHz studio-quality recording with an XLR and 1/4″ balance combo input. You also have an instrument input (1/4″) to record two channels simultaneously. Pair that up with the nifty monitor levels on the unit itself and you’ve got an easy work flow ahead of you. We also love the fact that they’ve included a few other popular gear they’ve had reviewed highly — the comfortable and clear HDH40 headphones (sound isolation, over-ear closed-back) and Nova Black mic (cardioid wide frequency response condenser mic with 18mm capsule). The M-Audio M-Track 2×2 Vocal Studio Pro should probably be listed ahead of many others, but for now we’ll have the M-Audio M-Track 2×2 Vocal Studio Pro near the end since it’s relatively average and is another pick more geared towards those who crave software and high-quality interface recordings.

Rockville RPG2X15

The best recording package if you are performing live on stage

  • 2 PA speakers (15″ ABS molded)
  • 2 8-channel mixers
  • 2 foldable speaker stands
  • 2 ten foot 1/4″ to 1/4″ speaker cables
  • 2 microphones with mic clip and XLR cables

Let’s get into something different when it comes to the best studio gear packages out there, and if you’ve made it this far we’ll assume you’re looking something a bit different from the traditional recording equipment. This particular package is specifically for gear for live performances, giving us an awesome PA system bundle equipped with two mics, essential cables and two nifty mixers and amplifiers to boot. The speakers themselves are relatively high in quality and power — they’re 15″ large and ABS molded with 2″ voice coils and 40 ounce magnets. They also have internal components dedicated to different frequencies as well — 1″ titanium driver tweeters and professional long throw woofer. The build will be sturdy enough for traveling —  just take proper care of them (they do have powder-coated steel grills and molded plastic). The mixer on the other hand is 9 channels with 1400 watts of power (you also get some Bluetooth). A nice LCD display helps us navigate through the mixing although we recommend letting somebody who knows what they’re doing control it. The microphones aren’t exactly professional but can still get the job done for smaller venues or karaoke — their Rockville RMM-XLR dynamic microphone with a steel mesh grill and decent frequency response. It isn’t a ‘recording studio bundle’ but more so a live sound package; however, if it’s what you need, the Rockville RPG2X15 is highly effective and affordable at the same time for smaller gigs.