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Brand, artist, or talent development, the Link team lives at the intersection of content creation and fan engagement.  Our priority is to help our clients communicate their authentic voices and build stickiness with their audience while achieving maximum impact within their budget.

We are experienced entrepreneurial business and entertainment industry veterans with a proven track record of creating and implementing impactful strategies.  Our team has helped shape the careers of some of today’s most influential entertainers, platforms, brands, and technologies.  Our robust network of relationships reach decision-makers in every facet of business across virtually every industry.

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“With the enthusiasm of a teenager and the wisdom of a corporate executive Hakim assisted our tricky situation by educating and motivating us. He also interfaced in our behalf. He keeps up with what’s current, possible and has an extensive proven network of professionals. We love Hakim!” Cris & Nicki No Boyfriend Music/Nickijack Music
Cris & Nicki
No Boyfriend Music/Nickijack Music
“You all helped me learn to become a lion in this industry and attack my goals. I knew how to be humble. I learned from you all to be hungry enough to be recognized as a lion toward goals and dreams. You all taught me how to plan things out from beginning to end when doing a project. How to focus on making timeless music. I'm forever grateful and humbled by the experience and what I learned. Grateful, Chris Elliott CEO Reign Drops International Multimedia
Chris Elliott
CEO Reign Drops International Multimedia
“Working with Hakim and his team has been like having our own living “Google” for the music business. They have always been able to keep us up to speed with the latest and greatest tools, resources, and development of the new music business. They are and will always be one of our favorite partners. We don’t make any big decisions without first consulting this team.” Chris Cottingham Record Producer / Founder, Producer 365
Chris Cottingham
Record Producer / Founder, Producer 365
On many occasions, I have heard how important song quality is over everything else, but according to Hakim, it takes more than just a great song to succeed you also need a strong team and some sort of financing to make the dream a reality. After listening to Hakim speak at a conference, I went in search of alternate funding opportunities and found some new and creative ways to finance projects. Sydney Alston Artist Manager
Sydney Alston
Artist Manager

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